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Halls MD
"Offering useful free tools for your health". A very useful collection of calculators from Dr. Steven B. Halls : Body Mass IndexBreast Cancer Risk,  Ideal WeightBody Surface AreaPediatric Growth ChartsHeight and Weight Charts
Medical search engine, UK family health guide, and directory of online healthcare resources...

Nutrition Calculator
A new Java application that calculates nutritional needs

Body Fat Calculator
Body fat calculator for both men and women using body measurements

Exercise Heart Rate Calculator

Many experts believe an optimal heart rate range for training is between 65%-85% of your maximum heart rate. To calculate your optimal training zone enter your age and this will calculate your excercise heart rate range

Current Heart Rate Calculator

To calculate your current heart rate (in beats per minute), take your pulse for 10 seconds using the timer.. Hit the "Start" button and you will be prompted when to stop counting

Calculate Your Protein Needs

To determine your protein needs for the fitness goals of, Dieting, Power & Speed, Strength & Bodybuilding, Endurance


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Calculate Calories Burned While Running

This online calculator shows you how many calories you've burned off while running or jogging. Simply type in your weight and run time - then click the calculate button

Calculate Walked Off Calories

Same as above but calculates calories used whilst walking.

Body Mass Index Calculator

The Body Mass Index is a useful measure of an individual's current weight related to an ideal body weight. An ideal BMI is generally between 20.5 and 21.5. A BMI greater than 30 is associated with increased cardiovascular risk and other health problems related to obesity
Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Tool

An interactive tool to measure a woman’s risk of invasive breast cancer.
This Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Tool has been designed for a health professional to project an individual patient's estimate of invasive breast cancer risk. It is only part of the complex discussion regarding a woman's options in reducing her risk of breast cancer. Therefore, if you are not a health professional, you should discuss with your doctor the interpretation of the results of this risk profile

Detailed Breast Cancer Risk Calculator

Estimate your risk of breast cancer by answering questions

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Healthy Body Calculator

Two pages of questions and answers will give you an indication of whether you are healthy or not! Calculators

They say "When it comes to health, everything really does add up. So we've created 34 fun, easy-to-use calculators. Learn your ideal weight, determine your protein needs, assess your heart rate, determine how many calories your favorite sport will burn, and more" Why not check it out?

Diet Diary Report

Do you eat the way the experts say you should be eating? Tell them the number of servings you ate from each of the major foodgroups. they'll tell you how well you're doing!

Consult Dr Koop

This site has just about every health related calculator you may need, including : Fitness Calculators, Diet & Nutrition Calculators, General Health Calculators
Risk Assessment Calculators, Teen Health Calculators and more.

Foundhealth.Com is a guide to health and medical sites on the Internet. It also has other features such as interactive tools, shopping and more

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Personal Health Test

The LifeView® test is an in-depth personal health assessment that identifies your life expectancy, based on your current lifestyle and health habits, your greatest health risks, your health goals and how to achieve them, how you can live your life in better alignment with your health goals

Stress Survey
Calculate your stress level.

Biorhythms Calculator

Make a chart of your your biorhythms.
Body Surface Area Calculator
A BSA calculator with advanced features using four different formulae. Plus an optional Medication Dose Calculator

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Dessert Wizard
Let the Dessert Wizard calculate the amount of activity you need to burn off that huge slice of Angel Food Cake or Mom's cherry pie!

Anything and everything connected with pregnancy, babies, infant care etc. Very comprehensive site with masses of invaluable information

Health Risk Appraisal
WebMD's Health Risk Appraisal is an educational tool for you and your family that can help you better understand the daily challenges of maintaining your health and the health of your loved ones.
Birth Stage Calculator
Pregnancy is an amazing journey. Each week, your baby enters a new stage of development. Following each phase makes the journey that much more personal and intimate -- and it's easy to do using the birth stages calculator
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