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This JavaScript program calculates the phase and position of the moon for a given date

The calculator will initialize itself, if possible, to your computer's day, month, and year. The day, month, and year can be changed using the buttons on the calculator. To advance press one of the [ >> ] keys; to backup, press one of the [ << ] keys.

Moon's age from new : days Moon is :
Distance : Earth radii    
Ecliptic latitude : degrees    
Ecliptic longitude : degrees Moon is in :

This program helps anyone who needs to know the Moon's phase (age), distance, and position along the ecliptic on any date within several thousand years in the past or future.

The ecliptic longitude is measured from the vernal equinox along the ecliptic in the direction of the sun's apparent motion through the stars. The moon's ecliptic longitude is calculated as well as the corresponding zodiac constellation. The ecliptic latitude is positive if north of the ecliptic and negative if south. The age of the moon in days as well as its visual phase are given

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